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Why doesn't pdf download work any more? Answered

I've been a premium member for several years and have downloaded many pdf files.  The last week I get an error message-

file does not begin with '%pdf-'.

I've tried at lease 5 different files and get the same results.  Please help

Don't know what category or channel is useful for this question, will just pick 1


Thanks for letting us know. We're having difficulties with some
PDF's right now. It's going to take a few days to figure this weird bug
out, then fix. Check back again on this project in about a week.You may
notice this happening to a few other projects, but many other
Instructables will still work in PDF form.

Please refer to this Forum topic for updates:

OK, No more comment please, waste of time and effort. It is clear that the Instructables web site is broken and has been for a significant time now. Even viewing links is a problem today. I was able to download a couple of isles I really wanted but and hour later I couldn't.

You're not showing here as a paid-up member right now, perhaps that's the problem ?

I am paid up and sent email to someone to show the paid transaction.
I see 3 other comments that don't address the problem. Is there a central office/contact for these kinds of problems?


4 years ago

I use Firefox on an XP and just this hour downloaded two PDFs.

But I am pro who is payed up !


4 years ago

The PDF is broken at the moment. At least that is what the error message says that I get.

Use Firefox and try and download it and you should get the error page that says they are working on the problem.

Probably the robots fault, it got unplugged and the batteries went dead.

I think there's a bug in the pdf system.