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Why has instructables gotten so slow? Answered

I've been coming here since the beginning of time and the past few days the site has slowed down so much I may not come back. It's painful. Margaret


This can still be a problem for some users. For me it has been due to bad advertising scripts, specifically from ds.serving-sys.com. If you use an ad-blocker or manually block this domain then the site will run much faster.


11 years ago

A few weeks back, the site was moving at dialup-speed for me, as well. Now, though, it's very zippy. I have my doubts about these things being issues with the site. Rather, I think they are user-related in origin. Clear your cache?

mines still slow ive cleared my cash and now im broke. :P but seriusly my instructables is still a little slower than what it used to be