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Why is yahoo appearing without an internet connection? Answered

I recently picked up an old computer from the dump and it powers up and works fine, but i found out that the anti virus software xoftspy is fake software that does nothing (not virus though). I uninstalled it and i began to suspect that there was a virus on the computer because it said that a windows update was just downloaded and that norton was installed, but it wasn't. I opened up internet explorer and i found that it opened to my.yahoo.com even though there was no internet. another strange thing was that the copyright said 2004. Is this usual if the site was frequently visited?

Windows xp Professional
AMD proccessor 400 mhz
20 gigabyte hdd maxtor
600 mb ram
no anti virus



7 years ago

This is a classic case showing why its so important to clean stuff off of an old computer before you discard it. I would not be surprised if they also have saved passwords and even account numbers on it somewhere. Throwing something away does not mean its gone, it just means that you no longer have control over it.

If you want to use it for anything you should first uninstall everything listed in programs, scan it with a good anti virus program and also a program like Malwarebytes to be sure its clean.

It's probably just opening a page from memory. Surely it looks like yahoo from say 2006 and not the current yahoo? Since older computers downloaded much slower, they kept a temporary file of recently visited websites so it wouldn't have to download the pictures each time. I'm not sure if newer computers do this or not, considering speeds are much faster now.

.  +1.  As per orksecurity, try clearing the cache.
.  Are you sure that Norton is not installed? In my experience, the older versions of Norton were resource hogs.
.  What copyright says 2004?

Agreed, a cached page. If you want to be sure, check your browser's help for information about how to clear the cache, then confirm that this has vanished.