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Why won't my Hawk Eye show up? Answered

I recently got a Hawk Eye Helicopter, but I accidently deleted a file while finding my pictures and videos. Now it will not show up on my computer. Any help?

Now my lower rotor won't work. The top one is fine. Any help?


The software problem will probably require that you contact the manufacturer for help. They may have a reinstallation tool you can download.

I suspect the rotor issue is unrelated, but they could tell you that too.

Another way I can download my pictures and videos by using Window explorer, make a folder, name it what you want, put it where you want it in the photo/video file and click on the air hawk drive which is by your computer drives under computer and put them into the folder I want it to go by drag them to that folder so I know where they are when I open it. I also edit them in other software programs that I installed for photos and videos in case you have other photo/video editing programs installed. Hope this help you.

Re-install the software.