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WiFi Repeater with Arduino? Answered

Would it be possible to make a WiFi repeater with the equipment on this Instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/LINUX-LEECH/ withe the addition of Arduino and a small LCD? It would be really awesome and may even lead onto cheap mesh networking! :D 

Thanks for any help! :)


Yes, it can be done, and probably for less than the cost of the bits used in the original project

You need a DG834 Netgear router or similar.


The "OpenWRT" linux platform is used to do lots of clever things with old routers....


PS. Google on "Wi-fi repeater openwrt" for more ideas.
It will still be a low cost solution.


6 years ago

you can probably use a zigbee module and arduino as a finished item, everything's changed, some arduino's have ethernet and usb, as well as enough space for the stack wifi needs.

No, an arduino can't handle the USB, and can't handle Linux ?


Ohh ok, thanks for your reply, I just wondered because of what Bay Fielder said:

"I like this project very much! I personally see it as part of a larger project...

If you ad this to a micro computer it's great. They usually only have one or two USB ports, and have a case about the same size as this project. Some have VESA mounting holes that you can (if you measure for it) mount this project to. If you increase the available mAh of the power supply, and add a second USB WLAN... you can use it as a relay. Put this box where you can get the signal well, and have it rebroadcast --use it as a repeater. It may help to use a 3-5ft USB male to female to keep the two WLAN nics apart.

There are Linux distros that can do this... somebody will share a link I'm sure.

Add a LCD screen (projects right here on this very site) that can show you a few lines of txt, and a few buttons (borrow a project from a M.A.M.E. cabinet) and you could make it select a network (and allow you to enter WEP/WPA/WPA2 key). Now you got a self sufficient WLAN relay, to use in any legal, or illegal way the end user wishes."

Would there be any alternative way of doing this? Thanks