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Wildlife CCTV repair question Answered

So, I accidentally agreed to fix a friend's IR wildlife camera,  which has had the cable mostly ripped off.

I have three wires to solder back to a crowded circuit board, but I don't know which goes where, and I've never done SMT soldering like this.

I've tried finding diagrams or manuals, but I haven't managed to yet.

Does anybody have any ideas?

(In the photos, the only wire soldered in place is the black one, and the jacks are the end of the cable away from the camera)


Ok cut back the wires to where they are good.

Strip off an inch of the outer sleeve.

Strip just a 1/6 of an inch off the ends of the wires and tin the tips.

No globs of solder on the wire.

Take a sacrificial wire and flux it then with a hot fine tipped soldering iron remove the excess solder from the terminals marked Vout and Aout by touching the sacrificial wire to the solder on the terminal and heating the wire with the iron. it will suck up the excess solder.

Then take the video wire place the tined tip to the Vout terminal and heat with the hot iron. Once the solder melts remove the iron and hold the wire in place until it is cool.

Do the same for the Audio wire and the Aout terminal.

The ground can connect to any part of the ground.


I hope Kiteman verifies the correct wires with a multimeter to determine the correct lines because the color on the wires may not match the jacks. So: inside yellow plug to VOUT, inside red plug to AOUT, black already to GND. White is left, possibly to blob at VDC?

Feed red and yellow wires back through plug before soldering and patch up with Sugru?

Manufactures are good at keeping to color codes although I could have mentioned the ground should be braided around everything in the cable and he may need shrink tube on it.

The main part is to make the joints without adding bigger blobs of solder and removing excess solder.

I you are good you can salvage the wire seat but yea Sugru or cilacone.

It is nice that the circuit board is marked where the wires go.

The "braided round" wire is currently sleeved in black, and is the only one still soldered in place.

Yea it is probably shrink tube.

When you cut the wire back you will need to replace the shrink tube.

I really can't tell from the pictures but take out a magnifying glass to look at the blobs of solder that have peaks and maybe remnants of the wire that broke off. You shouldn't need to mess with the tiny SMT components but it does look like the wires may have come from some blobs directly next to some of the resistors and not wired out to its own circuit pad.. If the slot in the board is for the strain relief, place the cord back in and see if you can determine how far the wire reaches to see where it may have been soldered to. Others would be able to recognize the audio circuit so you would be able to figure out the right/left channel, black/white and yellow for video but the VOUT on the board might indicate power instead. Better call in the experts.

There are stumps of wire, not clearly visible in the photos.

I tried laying out the wires to match positions, but I think it has had damage before (there is insulation tape around the whole cable, and masking tape around the white wire), so the wires don't seem to match any particular stump.