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Wiring DPDT 20 Amp Switch Answered

I am in the process of building a MAP Sensor for my vechicle using a 20 Amp DPDT switch with an 100k Potentiometer. I want to use one side for going back to the origianl and the other side for the modification. I also want to have a green light showing when it is in the original condition and a re (warning) light for when it is in the modification mode. Can I do this? If so How about showing me how to do so. I have attached a picture of what I am trying to do. The toggle switch has 6 blades and I don't understand the schesmatic in hooking it up. I am attempting to make two into one. the upper switch is to control the Potentiometer on the left with the green and red lights above it. The bottom switch is to control the one on the right. When both switches are in the original circuit, both gree light should light up. When they are in modifying mode both red lights should light up. Hope you understqnd wht I am trying to say here.



10 years ago

. A DPDT switch is two "3-way" switches with a common actuator. On most (but not all) DPDT switches, the two center contacts will be the commons. You can use one side to switch the MAP pot and the other side for the LEDs.
. Looking at the contacts:
  1  4  2  5  3  6
. 2 is the common for 1 and 3; 5 is the common for 4 and 6. (Usually)
. For the LEDS, connect power to 5 and one LED to 4 and the other LED to 6.
. For the MAP, common goes to 2, 1 straight to MAP, and 3 goes to the pot.