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Wiring up ID-12? Answered

Hello guys,

I am soon going to use the id-12 in a project but I'm a noob in this kind of stuff. I want to connect an external antenna (coil with a capacitor) Do I just wire that to pins 3 and 4? I also want to use a very 'barebones' circuit to actually make this thing work. I Posted another question and I think I can connect pins 8 and 9 to a serial-to-usb cable (not sure how to do that either). Can someone guide me onto wiring this thing? 


Have you downloaded the datasheet ? The 12's have their own antennae built in, and won't work with an external antenna

What do you need to know about wiring to the serial-USB adapter ? I mentioned the pins you need to wire in the last question !

Are you sure that it won't work with an external antenna? Because in the data sheet, The id-12 still has the antenna pins. Anyway, do you happen to know any reliable online store where I could get the ID-12 shipped to Egypt in 1 - 3 days? Also what kind of serial cable would I need?

The datasheet says that

Try these guys in Warrington UK - I've had great service from them.


Their datasheet clearly shows there is NO NEED for an antenna on an ID12.