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Working on Mice At Instructables HQ Answered

It's just a normal work day here at Instructables HQ with mice parts strewn all over the work table.


Does it work to solder mice together? Also... where's my mouse bling? ; P -bg!

lol I was like "Awesome !......ewwwww......awesome!.......eeewwwwwww!"


9 years ago

Oh how I wish I were there! Looks like bunches of fun!

You mean you would have fun taking guts out a dead mouse?

Well, it definitely wouldn't be unenjoyable.

Well, it is just not a thing for me...

Yeah, most of my family grosses out at dead things, but I love wildlife and biology.

Yeah, everybody is different.

After viewing the first and last pictures, remind me if I ever get to visit, to bring my OWN plates for meals LOL

That's a dinner plate in the first picture...

Gorge rises...

Oh that was a good sandwich....now.....HEY ! where did my mouse go ?

I don't mean to do no harm, George.
I want to tend the rabbits...
Everytime the mice bit me, I'd squeeze they're heads a little, and next thing you know, they dead....

Of Mice And Men; John Steinbeck

Who knew the common ritual of girls brushing their hair can get so violent when boys are envolved

Woops. "I'd squeeze they're heads a little" I meant their. Not they're. My apologies.

Because they didn't have proper shutter/aperture settings? :P

Tell Christy I like her hairstyle. How did she do it? And what's in her ear in that last picture?

it appears to be in the first picture too. Almost looks like a bit of cotton (hmmm :-)

looks like they are having dinner!

Prepping for build night? Now that its in progress/done, how did it go?

I could never do taxidermy, just don't have the heart/gut to do it... Looking down at these helpless furry little creatures... Assuming the bags to radioshack, a soldering iron, and I spy with my little eye a portable mouse in the last pic, I'm going to have to say that u guys are makig mouse mouses, or in this case, mice mice