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World's Smallest Electronic Shocker? Answered

A few days ago, I had built two really tiny electronic shockers, they are smaller than a penny... The shockers I had built, they operate on a 1.5v battery and gives out about 450v at short circuit of 18mA.

So, what I am really asking is "is this the world's smallest electronic shocker?", I had done some research about if they are any electronic shockers that is smaller than mine, but I did not find any results...
So I am asking you if you know any electronic shockers that is smaller than mine...

Also I gave my shocker some more input voltage to see what happens... When I gave it 3v, it gave out about 900v (wow!). And at 4.5v input, it gave out about 1200v (BIGGER WOW!!!). I want to know how much voltage it gives out if I had given it 9v power, but I cannot risk doing that, because I might break my multimeter (it can measure maximum 1000v), I will have to build my self a high voltage probe...

Heres the instructable... How to build the World's Smallest Electronic Shocker!!!


can you give me one 5 pin transformer???

Where can i find the 5 pin transformer?

other then from the camera if possible

So, where's the Instructable? Plus the video of you giving yourself a jolt...

I had not made an instructable yet because I don't know if people would be interested in building on of those shockers, they so hard to build... And I had got shocked by my shockers, it hurts pretty bad, it is like getting a big nasty static electric shock... And I don't have a video camera. :(

Nobody interested in causing painful shocks to innocent people??

How could you say such a thing?

Umm.... Err.. What do you mean? Do you want me to make an instructable or not???

Okay, I am working on it NOW!