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Would different angles on blades of propeller reduce Speed? Answered

The goal is to reduce speed of my Egg drop contraption but still spinning to keep it accurate.?
Basicly its this.

8 blades on a octagon frame
then String
and then my shock absorbing egg carrier.

What way would I want to set my Blades so that it doesn't speed through the air?




Best Answer 7 years ago

Yes, decreasing the angle of the blades respective to the central axis will decrease the speed of descent, as would increasing the surface area of the blades.

Would just not having Angles be better then a slight spin?
Kiteman, I would love to experiment, but unfortuneatly each one of these blades and assembly takes one hour for me :(. Mysteriously Slow... probably because of hot glue.

I assume this is for a science project?

You will get better grades if you find out for yourself - test the rate of fall at a range of angles, work out the best angle for yourself and include details of your experiment when you present your finished device.