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Would you like to win a farm? (UK contest, but non-Brits could give it a try) Answered

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Are you sick of the rat race? Wish your life was more "Good Life" than "This Life"? Is a day on the allotment your idea of heaven? Think you can run your own business?

(Photo: Dave Dunford)

BBC is looking for ten couples to take part in a new series that will really put your aptitude for farming to the test. Over six weeks you'll learn how to run and manage your own farm, from animal husbandry and harvesting to coping with the unpredictable British weather. The series will culminate in the winning pair getting the opportunity to live and work on their own small farm. Whatever your background or relationship — friends, married, siblings — as long as you both share that yearning for a life on the farm we want to hear from you.

To apply, please email your name to farm@splashmediatv.co.uk and an application form will be emailed to you. Successful candidates may spend up to six weeks away from home in summer 2010.

Closing date for applications is 28th April 2010.


"want to be part of another reality TV show?".
It'd be easier and more interesting to lease industrial premises and give 'em a bank-loan, but that wouldn't look as nice would it?
Sorry, very cynical about this sort of thing - real farming is a tough job and real farmers don't get a lot of publicity.


Ah, but imagine the twist if a couple of Makers got on the show - spend time diversifying the farm into a B&B with workshops...

B&B ?    Bed & Breakfast ?  (over here, a B&B is a BIG house that very nice rooms are "let out" for a night or two, for those visiting the area).


Oh ok,   for some reason I wasn't associateing  "DIY maker" with a B&B  :-)

I can imagine that, which is where I was thinking "industrial premises" - a unit in the west midlands for example - let's see what people can do with means but no direction.

This is by the rules of "it's a farm and you've got to do farm stuff" (we know it's hard, and that's why we chose it...)



8 years ago

 Oh man, I have always wanted to live on a farm ina little village in England, or Ireland. It is one of my life's goals. Especially in a little farm just like that. Alas, being american precluded that. Speaking of which, have you seen "Waking Ned Divine" or "The Englishman who Went Up a Hill and Came Down a Mountain"? Great movies, probably affected my opinions a little...

Would that be "industrial or commercial" farming, then? 

 I had planned on being on a farm by now, but it would have been more self-sustaining and less "for profit" oriented.

Enough  food for the family, and a bit to sell for other staples, like sugar, etc.

It is a bit late for me though.   It'd take me too long to "just get back into shape" so I could survive it all, now.

*Calls up friend*

Ok we're in.