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Y2000 or Y3000 USB Commands Answered

I am working on a data acquisition for a bird. I found a camera called Y2000, It is pin hole camera and very small. I looking for the USB commands to control it (basically to start and stop video recording). 

Does any one know where I can find the USB commands?

I will be using the Arduino Pro Mini as the computer, an I might need help in programming it. when the time comes. Right now I in the design phase.

Rocket Nut



3 years ago

There are no USB commands for that. The USB connection only allows you to transfer files and power the camera. You have to physically press the button on the camera to start and stop it. With some work you can open the camera up and use a transistor to trigger the button for you. Use your arduino to trigger the transistor and then you have a world of options for remotely activating the camera.

Rocket Nutmpilchfamily

Reply 3 years ago

OK Thank you for the info.

I'm working on a data logger for a bird I'm designing. I wanted to start the camera when the launch command has been received.

Rocket Nut