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Zelda party Answered

Hi everybody,
Ok so I'm having a legend of Zelda halloween/birthday party and I need ideas for invites, decorations, music, party favors, food and drink (I have the recipes from the geek chef website). Can anybody help me? It's for my 18th birthday so please don't give me kiddie ideas.
I've only come up with a beamos statue made from coffee cans and a goddess wall people can write messages on. Please help.

Many thanks: Voidmon.


We are getting ready to have a Legend of Zelda birthday party for my son's 18th birthday party. We made simple little wood swords and we are putting bullseyes on the trees and a couple of bales of straw to encourage using the swords on them for the little kids that are coming. We went to a local pottery superstore here and they had the most AWESOME lamps for the tables. They are round and have a place for the citronella oil to be put in the top and lit, so they look exactly like bombs. You could use lots of bats and skulls as they are in all the dungeons. Skeletons and spider also. For the tables we went to a craft store and got small wood treasure chests really inexpensive and we are going to put Jolly Ranchers in them and around on the table for the Rupees. At the dollar store, you can get Ring Pops here in a pkg 4 for $1. They are gem shaped. Of course, we are going to have an area with a couple TV's with games going. Oh, and I'm making simple Link had out of fleece. Since it is a halloween party, I would get a pkg of plastic eyeballs and glue them together to make the (I forget it's name) eyeball boss. There's graveyards in all of the games too. Hope I gave a few ideas. I know some are a bit babyish, but we do have little ones in our family coming also. Have fun!!

Thank you for all the great ideas, not quite sure if I can get any of those things here in South Africa though.

Oh, this is too neat. :D Now I want to have one!

I'm thinking rupee garlands made from white string and red, yellow and blue rupees cut from cardstock would be fantastic.

Heart container cupcakes: https://www.instructables.com/id/Zelda-Heart-Container-Cupcakes/

Maybe serve drinks in glass bottles? And try to make sure they're colored properly? Like this: http://ro-bo.deviantart.com/art/ZELDA-Potions-84387048

Oh, and you could put little wings on string lights (the orb ones) to make lots of Navis! That would be cute.

And I would recommend the music from Wind Waker for a soundtrack - it's a lot more upbeat than the rest. :D Good for a party! If you can't get it cheap, you could always make a youtube playlist. :)

Hide rupees in your bushes and pottery.