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Zombies, and what are your plans and ideas for killing them? Answered

Plans? Ideas? Instructables? Bullets, ammo, makeshift guns, what are your plans? Hygiene, Food, escape routes? Can you suggest guns (THAT YOU HAVE USED!!!)? Here are my plans... Im saving money for a Walther P22, possibly buy a silencer, (They are illegal to use in my state, I belive not to own one.) I will be stock piling ammo for a 20 gauge scattergun, .357 rounds, .38 special rounds, .22 rifle rounds, plan on buying a cheap .223 rifle for picking them off. Also buying sights and scopes for a 20 gauge shotgun, a .22 long rifle, and a .357 magnum. Whenever my brother or parents drive me around places, I look for friends houses, some who have guns, Ideas to signal that im human, geographically and easily defendable homes and areas. I look for random scrap wood and metal, and I try to find out who will be able to take the stress. I try to meet people in my area. Still in the process of stock piling water, and getting those canned peaches I love so much. Im saving wood pieces, trying to find heavy sheet metal, just as gadget-evilusions said. I have actually begun to devise gadgets, weapons, landmines, makeshift munitions, ammunition, and other anti-zombie things. Plans on quick-welding lawnmowers to the front of a car, 2x4 plus nai equals effective weapons, chemical warfare angainst the Brooks zombie, and others. One of my main projects is printing and laminating topographical maps from google maps and applying section numbers to them. I have told my friends when the day comes, Ill be knocking on your door to save your butt. Im planning escaoe routes, and am in the process of building a two person raft. Pyrotechnics for signaling and otherwise are in effect. Everyone, get ready for Z-Day, and please, tip the chef! (Beacause, you know, chefs have big knives...) ~RoAr


Get a baseball bat cut a slice in the top and fix a saw blade in it.

 Don't use many firearms without silencers, they attract more zombies. I stick with a pair of katanas (Ninja swords) and shurikens (The star thingies). My main arm is a crossbow. A pocket flame thrower, and at least 4 M16-A3s. I would drive around in a warthog modified with fragmentation armor. I would arm each of my 4 friends with the same. Food and water would be hoarded along with the antidote.

Uh warthogs do not exist unless you are talking about a10 thunderbolts but they are fighter jets.

I wrote this two years ago, so my strategies have become more realistic since then. And I used warthog to mean any four-wheeled armored vehicle. My new strategy is more passive. Find an offshore rig and live there until the infection clears up or martial law is established. Oil rigs have desalination pumps, so plenty of fresh water. Catch fish and cook seaweed for food. Anything else not on the rig will be attained by taking a dinghy to shore and doing a quick hit-and-run on a wholesale club. Only weapons needed: crowbar and maybe a small handgun.

Ok. Just checking. And that seems like a good plan

you guys know that silencer aren't so much "silence"-ers as they are "slightly less load"-ers?


7 years ago

Heck, I would just kill myself! Make it quick, easy, and as painless as possible! I would rather be the one to have kill me instead of dying from hunger/thirst, painful wounds, disease, or zombies during the Zombie Apocolypse!

I personaly wold like a silenced minigun with a bayonet. why a bayonet you might ask? well i think it would be fun to stab a zombie then just let loose with some bullets. but sound attracts more zombies so silencers are needed. my secondary weapon would be a katana (long sword but sometimes difficult to put back in sheath) then a wakizashi (sword shorter and straighter than a katana). but if zombie killing gets to, i dont know, "boring." and the electrics still on, im going in my house and playing nes, 64, ps1, atari 2600 and all the old games. i mean who wants to go down with out replaying them? not me!

You wouldnt survive 20 minutes... Here are a few reasons why: 1. You can't put a silencer on a minigun. 2. How would you put a bayonet on minigun? 3. You would run out of ammo in ten seconds. 4. The recoil would be 11 kg per shot. 5. It weighs a lot, so you would move very slow. 6. How would you aim with a minigun? You would waste all your ammo on one zombie,and you would probably miss every shot! 7. You need to mount the minigun for better accuracy. I think a pellet gun would help you survive longer, that is if you don't mount your machine gun on something.

There is no such thing as a silenced minigun.

good luck finding one
u can't our run a zombie when u are out of ammo.
500-800 rounds a miniute is a lot
a munigun does not come silenced u can't get silencers for it
not even a bayonet.
good as a turret for vehicle or base

Yes, the classics are the best, and even if I have to build a generator out of an old kitchen sink I will, because NOTHING, not even zombies will keep me from 90's Nintendo.

Before the zombie apocaIypse starts,I would install solar panels.Then once the apocalypse starts, I'd go to a local store and stock up on food,water,toilet paper, and take a few copies of Zombie Survival Guide. I'd go around my neighborhood and find survivors. I'd make sure I have a doctor, a mechanic, and a fast runner or a scout. I'd go to a local gun shop and take all the guns and ammo and then head to a hardware store to buy wood, duct tape, nails, a hammer, an axe, sledgehammer,a construction hat with a light,a floodlight, seeds for plants,light bulbs, knives, arrows, and a ladder. Then I'd get a emergency generator(I think thats what you call it) and go to a electronics store and take a few surveillance cameras, a big TV, a few laptops, a radio that can be solar-powered and manually powered by a crank(I don't know what you call it), a PS3, an Xbox 360, and any Eminem CDs I don't own. I'd get a CB radio, but I don't know how to get one. I'd go to a car store and take a Ford F-150 and go to a gas station to fill up on gas and fill up lots of those gas containers. After I gathered all my materials, I'd set up the surveillance cameras, build a gate around my house, put the floodlights around my house, and board up my windows and doors. I'd move my furniture in front of of the doors and windows. Then I'd put a silencer on all of my guns and laser so I can be accurate. Then I'd equip my team with a silenced sidearm,Glock 19/Glock 17/ M1911,a silenced primary weapon,AK-47/Crossbow/Bow, and melee weapon,KA-BAR,Bowie knife, Trench knife,Titanium Crowbar,or a bayonet on their primary weapon, 2 flares, 2 smoke grenades, and walkie-talkies. For their armor I'd have a construction hat with a light or the hat welders use, safety goggles, gas masks, long sleeved shirt, pants, and waterproof boots.Thats what I would do in the event of a zombie apocalypse. And don't forget to travel lightly!

Packing an M1 Carbine (paratrooper stock if i can get a nice one) as my main gun. Ruger Blackhawk or Ruger Mk II for a sidearm. Carrying cheap leaf blade throwing knives for making a spear. planning my route to the oil platforms off-shore and recruiting people in Southwest Louisiana.


I have an Gov. Issue M1 carbine, as well as a Kukri machete.  I also have an original 9mm German Luger, a .45 Revolver,  2 .357 revs, a .22 40th anniversary Ruger, I think Im all set. 

where can I get a Ruger and a Kukri for a decent price?

kukri, thermite, shotgun, katana, ak-47, you get the picture. plain and simple, I'd be armed to the teeth.

erm... so when is this going to happen any ways?

I've got a mp5 semi auto a machete and a few questions. When will this begin? Will the disease travel by air? Is it possible to freeze zombies? Can zombies swim? Please answer, or if I become a zombie I will first attack the instruct able users who didn't help me.

Also, it's important to NOT EVER FIND A STRONGHOLD!!! Staying in one place is the worst idea you can have in a zombie attack, they have all the time in the world to wait outside your stronghold. you, however, are going to need food, water, supplies, etc. Stay on the move, stay in the water (if possible). you think zombies are slow walkers? they're even slower swimmers.

make a fotress where u can make your food and have a fall back position JIC

If you can even call walking along the bottom swimming.

ah but the most likley thing to turn into zombies is rabies, which means they can die of age, but if you go to somewhere with a airport you can fly away once you wait for the rest of the survivors to come to your stronghold.


7 years ago

What you would have to do is first set up a base. A good one is in your home or maybe the local school (school would be hard to protect since it has many entrances). Now make your base's defences. like board up the windows and block the doors. Then stick with one gun or a bunch of guns that use the same kind of ammo. I would prefer the M1 Garand. Well theres my thoughts


7 years ago

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4nlcmmt8X0 and a hell of a lot of guns and ammunition and a machete incase things get messy

burn them with thermite or crush them with the car or blow their brains out :)))))))))

Go to Lake Michigan, steal an un-used boat, wait for the winter (when they freeze), and gather more supplies.

So much depends on the particularities of the zombie species! Is the brain the sweet spot? The heart? The spine? Susceptible to fire? Are they the Hungry Dead or just out to kill? What's their major sense-sight? Smell? Hearing? 6th sense for distance to you? For fighting hints, look into a pen-and-paper game called "All flesh must be eaten" by (last I checked) Eden games. Most of the time, up is good (unless you are dealing with thinkers, in which case you have other problems : )) because it limits the number that can get at you and the places you need to barricade. It also gives better sight lines : )

I have actually made a TTRPG similar, yet unbeleivabley simple. I will post the latest rules, and please play this game. It can play with d20's, d12's, and d6's.

I haven't had a group to play with for 8 or so years...sucks to get old : )

Hey, Ill PM you the rules if you like! Remember, I completely made this up myself, (really, I did,) so any suggestions are welcome!

I can take a look, but it's been years since I've studied the new system ideas so I'm kind of old school in what I like.

New system ideas? Dude, I havent even finished a game of monoply, harder yet even played D&D.

I think that one of the best strongholds would be a lighthouse. Destroy the stairs, use rope ladders. Plenty of room for food and other supplies. You could also make a greenhouse so you would have fresh vegetables and fruits. Make lookout stations and sniper nests on top of the lighthouse. If they happen to swarm the bottom level, you could easily destroy them from the top. You would want to barricade a perimeter around the lighthouse so you would have some breathing room. And, in case you get completely swarmed ( Which is highly unlikely, by the way), a secret passageway to a cave with boats could be made so you could escape.

you do know that 1 in 4 zombies can climb a ladder right?

I have 4 possible plans for when this day comes. I would not immediately go out and try to kill them, but only kill when necessary, to conserve ammo and also to make sure I dont get myself into something I wont be able to handle. 1. I live in Calgary, Alberta, so I could use my house as my base. First I would use all the wood in the garage and back alley to barricade the windows and doors. Then move all the food in the house upstairs to the attic. Then bring all the knives/possible weapons and the .22 rifle up there too, and if possible I would go to the nearest gun store and stock up. If that was unreachable, I would have to go downtown to the police headquarters and raid their confiscated weapons stash. They also keep all the ammo there too. Then I would retreat back to my house and if possible look for survivors in the neighborhood, and if there are any we would move up and down the street taking back the houses until we had a secure compound and the ends of the road would be barricaded, giving us a small secure settlement. 2. This is probably the most dangerous possible plan, because I would have to travel through many infested areas, but once I got to my location I am confident I would be safe. The location I would be going to is the former federal prison of Alcatraz Island, which is now abandoned and free of people except for the daily tour boat. I have heard zombies cant swim, so an island would be a great base. There are 3 ways I could get to the island. The first option is to get to Vancouver, and then take one of the thousands of yachts or boats in the harbors, then drive down the coast to Alcatraz. Before I entered the bay where the island is located, I would dock and on the west side of San Fran and stock up on weapons from the California National Guard Armory in the Sunset District. Then back up the coast a little ways, under the Golden Gate Bridge, and to my new home on Alcatraz Island. 3. Again, the first thing I would do is stock up on weapons and food. Then I would take a trip to Rainbow Balloons in Calgary and take one of their balloons or blimps. Preferably a blimp since they can go for weeks at a time. Then once it eventually came down I would have to use one of my other plans. 4. The last plan is...Alaska. I learned about this from Resident Evil: Extinction. So I would use this as a back up plan. Trek up to the isolation of Alaska, build a shelter or use an existing one. I dont know if zombies can survive the cold, but living in Calgary I know I would be able to. Theres caribou and seal up there so that means plenty of food. The only problem would be the heat, since there would be no electricity for generators or heaters.

Why move from Alcatraz? There is plenty of room for gardening, and if you are with a group, you could set up a colony there and if you get overcrowded, Angel Island is much bigger.

maybe I'll secure first my house with a surveillance cameras, electric shocking barb wired gate with remote control to open it, gun cypher that detects and kill zombies, big generators to give me electricity in my house and a SUV car to travel and now I'll go to the nearest electronic shop or media provider silently with a sharply object (to fight nearby zombies ahead) and grab some small expensive waterproof solar-ed wireless cameras with a 12 inch palm lcd screen, a advance PDA That can connect to a GPS, a small laptop, shelled solar backpack(to put all my things in and charge my gadgets), waterproof Walkie-talkie watches (maybe 3 pairs), and go to an ammunition store and grab some modified semi automatic desert eagle (3 pieces with many ammo's) modified mk47, modified lightweight rifle machine gun, claymores, grenades, night vision shades, scratch proof cloths, lightweight construction shoes, waist strap for ammo's and guns then go to a drugstore to grab some medical kit, survival kit then search for people that is not infected to join me


9 years ago

With the maps, don't fold them to highlight a certain area and don't leave any marks on them. That way if you lose your map and some jerk finds it, they wont be able to raid your base. Also, I agree with cyc on the melee ideal but I'd go with something like a fubar, or something that has more uses than just to bash zombies heads in.

"Or something with more uses than just to bash zombie heads in."

Crowbar. Problem solved.

1. If you are not a ninja, find a ninja who is willing to protect you. If you are a ninja, find a hot babe who you can stand spending the rest of your life with and make sure she's not infected. 2. If for any GOOD reason you can't find a ninja, do not worry about getting a weapon. Worry first about staying stealthy and finding a safe place to hide out. 3. Find a weapon. Something sharp/easy to carry/able to blow ugly zombie heads off with half a shot. 4.Pray to God for help.

My 2012 box contains: 8 smoke grenades (pull-pin) 5 incendiary grenades(pull-pin) hommade RF detonaters ( one transmitter, 3 receivers w/ "blasting caps" attached 1 lb un-mixed Flash powder 1 lrg flamethrower 1small handheld flamethrower Homemade Airtazer w/ "clip" that holds five extra shots (single shot) "Shock-Knife" high voltage stabbing/slicing tool various knives and sharp weapons, all chosen over time for there durability Thats just the weapons aspect, and yes i know that what i have is not nearly enough to stop the hordes, but a) i live in a major city, where stockpiling of dangerous weapons is just plain insane, and b) i can make more of anything in that box with very few supplies. I had an old flak jacket from a few years back, and just recently purchased a second one, and i have gutted all of the kevlar panels out of both of them in an attempt to make a full body slash proof suit. Obviously it wont be bulletproof, but it will completely protect me from slices and abrasions, and zombie bites/ scratches. If anyone is interested in how to make any thing i have listed, or for a full list of the items NOT listed, email me at cnieves107@gmail.com.

I would make sure that you have a blacksmith with a working smithy at hand, get him to make you lots and lots of swords, machetes, really, really sharp sticks, whatever, and have him barricade the door and windows with those, and you've got yourself some pretty deadly barricades, so that way you will just have to sit back, relax, and pick off the zombies at will.

you want a quick-load rocket/grenade/detonating projectile launcher to obliterate numerous zombies at once, a good secondary weapon is a light duty shotgun. an uzi can be good but churns up ammo very quickly. knives/clubs/swords are good. i would suggest a medium/heavy saw-tooth Machete. a bow is good for silent combat and reusable arrows. maybe a harpoon rifle with a harpoon on a cable that retracts with a push button. flamethrowers are nice because zombies live in the cold and dark and fear the light and warmth. a large net-gun on a string can be useful for catching zonbies and killing them to find a cure for the virus. a 2X4 cannon can be useful for punching out numerous zombies at once. also maybe a full auto shurikan thrower for attack. a chain-saw is another good hand to hand combat weapon. another good asset is blaring Andrew W.K. Ready To Die to fill you with adrenalin.