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Zune HD pinout Answered

Hello every one.  Here is the short version:
I would like to know the pinout of the Zune HD (connector).
Now, as there may be more than one solution to my problem (and for those of you who are curious :P), here is the rest of the story:
I had a Zune 4gb and an Altec Lansing speaker dock that went with it. I recently purchased a Zune HD 16gb. I love it, but the only problem is that the pinout of the two Zunes are not the same (or at least that’s what I’m assuming), so I am not able to use my speakers with my new Zune. I am only able to use it as a charging dock. Here’s what I know so far:
-I know most of the pins on the old Zune, thanks to zuneboards.com.
-I know the speaker is still functional; I tested it with my old Zune.
-And I know the new and old Zunes share at least one ground wire, one +5v supply wire, and both USB data transfer wires, as the dock charges both Zunes, and I am able to sync and charge both Zunes with both new and old sync cables.
Once I find out which pins are for audio, I am planning on opening the speaker case and reconnecting the audio wires (which I was able to identify using the old Zune pinout) to accept the pinout of the new Zune.  I have plenty of experience with electronics of all kinds, so I would be more that comfortable doing something like this, but I am more than open to any solution that is… less invasive, as I would like to avoid the risk of damaging my speakers.
If any of you fine folks have any answers about the pinout or suggestions for alternate solutions, or comments at all for that matter, I would be very grateful.
Thanks all,




7 years ago

Zune HD and Zune SD have the exact same pinouts. the problem could be that the audio out for ZHD is HD audio (to my understanding). i suggest asking ZuneBoards, theyll know what to do.

This looks to be just what you're looking for


If it's the wrong one search that site, or failing that try pinouts.ru, for some reason the russians have a very comprehensive list of pinouts for odd things.

Thanks for the input, but both of those pinouts seem to be the same as the pinout of the old Zune...