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a very usable project, Cordless Mic for performing. Answered

Hey guys, I perform shows for groups of people, and I had thought of trying to convert my Bluetooth Headset into a Microphone to perform. I just was trying to figure out the best way to make a cordless Mic. I had also tried to use a Cordless telephone hookup. Any Ideas. This may sound simple but it is a little harder than you might think.


I had also tried to use a Cordless telephone hookup.

Even a cordless telephone headset would prove disappointing sound quality-wise, I am sure.

There is an instuctable on this called "Make a Bluetooth mono headset/mic on the cheap". I would have put a link on here but I don't know how to.

I suppose you could hook up your Bluetooth headset to a computer.

I am not singing, just talking, As for the talkie, they have a static sound. I have set one up before. There are also BLUETOOTH USB recievers for Sky PE.

I'm not sure of the quality, but you could hook up a better mic to a walkie talkie, with a cord, so you'd have the talkie in your pocket..then have the mic jack come out on the other one, instead of the speaker.

Using a bluetooth headset for music would probably be quite disappointing. They're not designed for vocal range.