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adding a laptop webcam to a laptop without one, help? Answered

ive got two webcams from other laptops, my laptop doesnt have a built-in one but id like it to. i can do all the cutting, mounting, and wiring, but its the software thats not working right.

ive installed all of the proper drivers, and the webcams are both recognized by the computer as webcams, but when i try to use a program to get video feed from either one, i get nothing. why isnt it working?
on my last laptop, i could do this just fine. i have the webcams each wired to a male usb plug, and on my old laptop i could just plug it in and it'd work, but with this one, its not. any ideas why?
im sure the wires are all correct and that i have all of the correct drivers installed.


Try http://www.yawcam.com/

but i cant get the camera to start when its connected to the laptop.

Have you tried finding and copying the drivers your desktop is using and installing the on the laptop?

i tried, but couldnt do it. i copied the .sys file the desktop computer was using but i cant replace it on my laptop. and i cant do the "have the driver.." option because there is no .inf file.

i will add that i have tested it with my desktop computer, and it did work.
for some reason my laptop wont receive video data from it, and it wont tell the webcam to send it.
its strange because my laptop has more up to date drivers than my desktop computer does.

Different drivers may be the problem. Try reinstalling the drivers. Some drivers you install before the equipment and some after you plug in the equipment.

ive tried doing both with the same result.
my desktop computer just loaded the generic windows drivers, nothing else.
i tried doing the same with my laptop but that didnt change anything