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ammonium nitrate and water get cold. how can i make a cold explosion Answered

i need a chemical compound that makes extream presure in a millasectond, like an explosion but must remain cold.
I know that by adding ammonium nitrate and water the compound gets cold. so my question is by using ammonium nitrate and other then water can I use to make extream pressure build up in a short time while still being cold. this question is not for any explosive device to cause harm to anyone or thing. just wondering if a cold explosive could be possiable. 


It happens in nature.


If you want to make a cold explosion here on Earth start playing around with liquid nitrogen. You can do a similar thing with more power buy lighting thermite on a block of ice. Sure it takes some heat to make it happen but the end result is cold stuff everywhere.

Your "explosion" will be an implosion. You don't create high pressure without heat.

You can of course make an explosion without heat a lot of chemical reactions will produce large pressures with little or no heat.

Without knowing more I can't tell you how. Explosions are by their nature dangerous If your just wondering then the answer is yes you can produce an explosive force from cold materials.