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any software dealing with bitmap for arduino plotting or GRBL Answered

I want to build something like a CNC. But using a pen instead of CNC's drill so that I can use it to draw image. I searched a lot about G-code, but they are all for vectorgraph. So I need help if there is any software that can translate the bitmap to G-code? THANKS


have a look here, it has everything you need


thanks~ I had read it before but not put much attention.
This time I read again and it does have something useful
thank you~


4 years ago

A freeware draw program like Inkscape can convert bitmaps to vectors. See "trace bitmap" under the Path menu.

It's not foolproof, the paths usually need editing. But it's a good start. Inkscape can save objects as HPGL, DXF and other vector files that should be easy to use for plotters (that's what you're planning to build).

nice and it ‘s very kind of you.
I am reading some inkscape manual and it really works!