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area 51 Answered

can anyone prove or disprove that this is actually area 51?
at some time pres. clinton gave that branch permission to deny it's existence. you used to be able to see it from a hill or something, but they fenced it off and may have cameras there here's the link to the image: http://tinypic.com/k9zvaw.jpg, if that doesn't show up just go to google images and search for "arial view of area 51"


I to have been in area 51 and all it is is a top secret plane.

if only it was from earth.


8 years ago

hey ive been into area 51 myself and all that is in there is a new top secret plane and Lockheed Skunk Works' base of operation

noooooooo way

I have and I am not allowed to speak any further

speak further!!!! If u dont, u suck!!!!!!!!!!! is there aliens or ufo's????? what about new technologies? time machines? TALK!!!!! or else...

It looks more like a small airport... maybe for private jets or something.. lol

...and if it's so secret, why would they let you find it on the internet?


7 years ago

AREA 51 IS 110% REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i read an article on it but i forgot everything because the government erased my mind because its so top secret.

Yes, area 51 IS real, i don't nkow what they do there. if you tired walking to the actual site, they will shoot to kill, and you wouldn't make it inside

You can't even get near the place. People try to just walk near the fence and get escorted off.

ok i typed in 'area 51' (no quotes) and it's bloody massive, though you can't go to maximum zoom on it...

second one out still makes most things pretty clear, there's a few chinooks sitting randomly and what appears to be miles of runway with oddly placed bunkers...

Just out of curiosity, can you zoom in any further on ANY military base?

probably a few that are pretty de-classified, though even my old cadets base was censored, mainly because under certain situations a bunch of teenagers with rifles and a couple of bedfords would be all there is... that would probably scare any terrorist more than police/army, normals because we were the top marksmen and engineers, we had a habit of stealing vehicles... our leader organised a robbery in which I drove through an assault course chasing a landrover in a bedford. No more will be told of this... details are inconsequential...

know what would be funny... ahhh... better not say anything like that or i might get a few mysterious phone calls (or whatever else they use to plant bugs)

don't worry man, they've been doingg it since the clinton admin. they probably put you on the watchlist for just going to this website, I mean, they teach you how to build weapons on this site.

I know for certain that I'm being watched on my computer. I would explain to you why, but that's telling ~.0

anythingcan be a weapon, just somethings are more suited as weapons...but, what if area 51 is the government's idea of a practical joke? thats probably what they want us to think.

is there an area 50?or 49?48?47?46?45?44?43?42?41?40?and so on?

Well there is but that's where they store their cleaning supplies and it's not a secrete.

Area 51 itself is real, that's been proven. Simply look at Google Maps. It's what's in it that's the conspiracy. Is it a normal military base, secret weapons testing base, or an "Intergalactic Alien 'airport'"

Most of the UFOs there are human made prototype aircraft, like stealth bombers. Of course people will call them UFOs because know one has seen them before, hence the word "classified".

Can you direct me to Area 51 please? I'm looking for alien wessels.

i tried, something is going wrong the login window just stays there and then it freezes

I heard the military was making some kind of engine called scramjet it's supposed to go like, i don't know, MACH 15!

ram jet, it gets the majority of its energy from burning air once up to speed, they use them in blackbirds already, but it's a dangerous and unpredictable type of engine as it can backfire, as in full thrust backwards...

Ramjets are jet engines with no moving parts. Unfortunately, they have to be going at at least 400mph before they work. Scram jets are hypersonic ramjets. They don't even light until the vehicle is already doing Mach 5, but can (in theory) give speeds up to Mach 24. NASA's X43A has been flown at around Mach 9.6 so far. A B52 dropped a Pegasus rocket, which pushed the small prototype to operating speed, and then the X43A itself ran for about 10 seconds. Rough calculations give Mach 10 as London to New York in 20 minutes!

oh yay that means i can argue with americans in person...

I think we count... though in a few years I may not, half scottish half northern irish, scotland aren't too british of late and N.I. already has its own government but is unlikely to become one ireland...

LOL..the americans and the brits at my former workplace argues all the time, while the canadians and kiwis sit quietly on the side reading the news.

20 minutes at Mach 10...After taxiing out to the runway, taking off, getting out to the open ocean, climbing to altitude, and accelerating-then backwards at the end. You'd still spend well over an hour in the plane.

No, he means scram jet. They are two different types of jet engines with no moving parts. In a ramjet, the air entering the combustion chamber is subsonic. In a scramjet (supersonic combustion ramjet), the air in the combustion chamber is supersonic.

Wikipedia on ramjets
Wikipedia on scramjets

Ah right i mixed scramjets up with the jato systems for some reason, think i was thinking of scramble command so scram...

Not exactly secret, there's a commercial concept-model on the cover of February's Popular Science magazine.