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boomerangs Answered

What is the most rebliable style of boomerangs?


Thanks, but i meant a different design. I asked kiteman indoor and loops, so ill ask you what the best outdoor with distance design is best.

I know, but it helps to let know people where you're coming from, and legitimately allows you to advertise your Featured instructable. L

Ooh, I could comment on that, but to be short: celebrate the 1000th L

oh, nobody sends messages, i wish i had more.

LOL thats so true but only have 108 now, lowney sent one

I just passed the 20,000 mark... 20,001 as I type.

Depends what you're after. Indoor or outdoor? Distance or loops?

In the book How to Dunk a Doughnut, there is a design for the boomerang that holds the world record for number of flights around a post in 1 minute.

Otherwise, try this (source is on the pattern):


thanks very cool, and similar to mine. how do i print this out?

Right-click on the image and open in a new tab or window. In the URL, change "MEDIUM" to "LARGE" (it's case-sensitive). You're on your own from there!