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is i possable to program a human i look at cloneing and fans have dna samples so could i bring back the dead and acelate there age with cloneing and add there meroys by getting personel items and familes just a thought


Not possible now, certainly. We're just barely beginning to understand how memories are stored -- it's a combination of exactly how an individual brain is wired, chemistry, feedback circuits, and gods know what else. We can't read even surface memories or thoughts very well (gross motions, maybe); we can't replicate them at all, never mind to the depth needed to capture a complete human identity.

There have been a great many good science fiction stories which deal with the question of duplicating personality. I'd recommend hitting a library and reading a bunch of them -- not for the detailed technology, which will undoubtedly not turn out to be correct, but for some of the complexities involved. (I'm inclined to cite C. J. Cherryh's _Cyteen_ -- a huge novel divided into three volumes -- which describes an attempt to roughly replicate a personality and concludes that it would be a huge effort even if we assume that cloning and synthetic personalities are well understood -- and some of her other books discuss the ethical problems involved in even getting to that starting point.

Something to consider, just as an indication of how large a problem this is: There's recently been evidence that the rewiring of the human brain which occurs during adolescence is far more extensive than we had believed. It isn't at all clear how much of that is guided by the environment and experience and how much by the genes and how much by pure randomness.

You've got the small end of a huge topic. There's a lot of interesting reading ahead of you if you want to investigate it even in fiction, and even more if you want to understand what it might really involve.

the brain is computer a orgaic one but a computer im not crazy all i am saying is it possable imagne bringback fallen solder from the dead

"In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they aren't."

You're not crazy. You're just asking for something that we have absolutely no idea how to even start to approach right now. Try again some time around the year 3011. Personally, I think that's still overoptimistic, but by then we may at least know what the job would entail.

As far as bringing someone back from the dead: Brain damage sets in fairly quickly, compared to other tissues -- the brain needs a LOT of oxygen and nutrition. Take a look at the information about how quickly after a stroke brain cells start to die -- the number I've heard is that without blood circulation, irreversable cell loss starts in about five minutes. There are some special situations which are _partial_ exceptions to that rule, but in general I would bet that by the time you got a dead soldier to the equipment or vice versa the brain wouldn't retain much that was worth saving. Catching someone _before_ they die might be a different kettle of worms, but again this presumes technology tremendously beyond what we have now.

Good science fiction. Not science yet, if it ever will be. And, as I said, there are a whole pile of really troublesome ethical questions that would have to be answered; read the stories and you'll learn about a lot of them.

It's one of those ideas like antigravity which is easy to imagine, and which can't be proven impossible yet, but which I wouldn't expect to see in the next few centuries if ever. Breakthroughs do happen, but this would take entirely too many of the right breakthroughs added together.

thanks i mean clone tem acserlate there age and put back memories

Clone: Difficult, unproven in humans.

Accelerate aging: No known way to do this, none even speculated.

Restore memories: No known way to do this, none even speculated.

I understand what you're asking, but the answer is still "not yet, not any time soon, and I wouldn't bet my money on it ever happening."

Some of the newer research is pointing in the direction of each individual nerve cell as functioning as a molecular computer processor. The connections between them are the networking support. In other words it is now believed by some researches that a brain is a multiple processor network made up of billions of individual processors. We are a long way still from molecular computers. A single brain would have more connections and more capability than all the computers now in existence all connected together simultaneously with one super fast internet. We have yet to even figure out the brain of a fly or even duplicate its abilities. And the storage requirements would be far beyond anything that is now even being dreamed of.

And like Ork says there are a lot of social and moral issues. For instance why bother to send in the real soldier when you can just send a clone instead. Hence Star Wars, the clone wars. An even better movie that touches on it is Blade Runner with Harrison Ford. Hopefully if we ever got smart enough to create something like that we would finally be smart enough to figure out our problems without killing one another. Soldiers would be obsolete. Another book you might want to check out is "Brave New World" .

Until we can begin making computers that function on a molecular level and that don't run Microsoft software what you want to do is only science fantasy.

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Hmm.. are you trying to brain wash?

The answer to your question, as Vyger said, NO.

You did not ask "would it be possible at some undetermined point in the future to..." You asked "Is it possible", which implies NOW.

Secondly, personal items and families would not be sufficient to duplicate the myriad of momentary events, both large and small, that generates the ME in me. (or the YOU, in you.)

Cloning reproduces a body and a basic genetic mold. That's about it. All else is experience.

imo, this is another example of too much reliance in today's youth on the entertainment industry's corruption of both science and science fiction (and who corrupts it for two primary reasons, one, direct monetary gain, the second, power through manipulation). Carnie's one and all.

read scifi sceince besides it is possable half of life we spen looking at logic so look at reasons to try

You asked "is it possible". We've answered. You're welcome to dislike the answer. You're welcome to disagree, although your disagreement doesn't mean much since you don't have the background to have even an informed layman's opinion.

At this point I don't think anyone is learning much from the discussion; we've gotten to the point where we're repeating ourselves. Certainly not a good use of _my_ time, so I'm dropping out.

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You're getting pretty close to trolling there. Be careful.


I'm sorry, but the dead are dead. Sometimes it's sad, sometimes it's for the best, but in all case, it is both inevitable and unrealistic to think that cloning as shown in hollywood movies is anything more than legitimized fraud, under the guise of "artistic license"

If you are referring to someone important in your life who has passed away, I am very sorry for your loss. The best thing to do is to try to remember their good aspects and try to live a life that cherishes that memory.

The worst thing to do is to cling to unrealistic fiction in the hopes that it is not simply fiction but is legitimate science, which it isn't.


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Try learning to write and spell before delving into cloning.

And giving the answer no is not negative. You can't bring back the dead. Cloning only creates a COPY of the original. It does not copy memory.

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No, as a statement of fact is neither negative nor positive but simply a fact. Some things cannot be done, whether you like that or not is irrelevant. For instance, you cannot stop a tornado from going where it wants to go no matter how much you may want to. No is a fact, not an opinion.

At this point in time and space its not possible due to our limitations, meaning that we don't have godlike abilities.

acutally the brain computer like abtiles basically upload data

See my answer in the other branch of this discussion. Easy to say, no known way to do, and all the evidence is that it may never be possible.

Absolutes are always inherently false. Including that one. Including this one.

Research neurological correlates of consciousness, neurology of memory, epigenetics. After you've spent several years in graduate school (that's after getting your undergraduate degree in biochemistry), then maybe you'll have enough expertise to explain to the rest of us (including professional scientists) what is and isn't possible.

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You can replicate the human body for sure. Any person who can clone animals can do the same. They just dont do it (or maybe don't tell the world that they are doing it) because there is still argument of legality.
For the brain and memory part, just having personal items don't make memories. How the person interact with the items around them or with the environment, matters. You have to reproduce exactly the environment (not to mention the exact time in the accelerated growth) from the time they are born. This also includes their interaction with their friends and families, which will be a little weired for the persons around the subject as it will be like de-ja-vu for them. Not to mention some of the people around the subject might be missing right now or have grown to a different state (old) as you will require the subject to remember.

i know im talking about after uploading the meories

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