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building an antiquated house ?Cost? Answered

New bldg materials outgas.  Old bldgs may have mold, outdated wiring, etc.

What would it cost to build old school, but with some of the newer tech?  Get the best of both worlds. Perhaps build smaller than the McMansions typical of todays builders.



The first questions are where do you live?

If you are willing to build school then you must consider child safety also. You should install fences around the playground premises. Contact today La Habra Fence Company for free estimate of your project. http://www.lahabrafence.com/

"old school" is a phrase meaning with older, perhaps archaic methods and materials. Perhaps I should have put quotes around the phrase.

You may want to check out a few home automation sites to secure your house. I found this one promising site called B.one kickstarter. Do have a look at it. It might help you in your new house! Good luck.

Reclaimed wood is way more expensive than new, there is the cost of salvage and it is of better quality. It's interesting that recycled paper costs more than new stock. Never get into restoring an old house unless you have the time and money.