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can a normal lamp mimic the sun for this ? Answered

i want to make a plate/bowl with mirors that reflect the light to a certain point.if i put the ceiling lamp on and use that light to aim all the mirrors to one point. wil it work in the sun too ?


Indoor lighting isn't intense enough to be a good means of focusing an aperture intended to focus sun light to a specific point. Save your focusing for when you get it into the sun.


Plus, the difference in distance (10 feet vs 93,000,000 miles) means that the point at which the light is focused will change when you change light sources.

tnx for your answers.

here is my problem now:
i want enough mirrors (small ones) focused on one point so i can create fire,

but the distance between the sun and earth changes constantly, so technically i would focus them and only 2 times a year it will be focused ?

or is the distance of the sun too little to make a difference ?

The differences in the Earth-Sun distance are tiny compared to the total distance - the Sun is, effectively, a light-source at infinite distance.

(The shape you're after with your mirrors is a parabola.)