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can i make a mini electric welder out of a disposable camera? Answered

only for small joints not to be used, just as an experiment



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Welders need high current more than high voltage. A 12V car battery will happily weld stuff. These things are dangerous with e.g. metal watch-straps, screwdrivers etc.
Otherwise a heavy high-amerage power-supply (not mains, that's asking for trouble)


You can But not very good .

I learnt this when  i was using a piece of pencil lead for an experiment and i welded a piece of wire to the battery !

You might weld small stuff, but would risk damaging the batteries. If you're thinking about full size electric welders think around 50-100 amps (though what they actually use varies).


That raises an interesting point. Could you conceivably convert the high-voltage low-amperage (watts = watts) into high-amperage low-voltage?<br />

This is what electric welders do. Input up to 13A @ 240V, output maybe 100A, at maybe 30V (all rough). A big heavy transformer is the largest part of these devices.


Badda-boom! Transformer-driven capacitor welding!

I made one with a capacitor from a camera. I wired the capacitor up to a 12v wall adapter and wired the capacitor to two alligator clips. The wall adapter goes through a momentary switch before it charges the capacitor. This keeps the capacitor from over heating/ over charging.

It will "weld" constantly with hair-thin wire attached to one (the negative) alligator clip. The other clip attaches to whatever metal i weld on.

It works so-so for practical uses, but it makes the greatest toy ever!

If you want to make a small welder or what I have been wanting to do for a while but haven't got around to doing is making an auto-soldering iron.  I had a dead UPS and they have a transformer in them that plugs into the wall and puts out 30 amps (ENOUGH TO KILL YOU SO BE CAREFUL!) and my plan was to make it like a MIG welder.  A MIG welder has wire fed through the cable to the gun and when the trigger is pressed it feeds it out.  I was going to do the same thing on a smaller scale with the UPS transformer and solder.  You hook ground clamp up to the board in direct path with the joint as to not fry components and then press a button solder flows out and contact to solder.  In theory this should work.  If I get around to making this I will make an Instructable and you can check that out.

It might weld foil, or just burn holes in it.  Not much more.

Not really.  The upgraded version sounds better, but the caps get expensive.  Most of the problem here is that the camera circuit is backwards-but I'm assuming anything that can blister my skin has a good chance of spot welding foil : )

Very mini. If you want to weld the foil from bubblegum wrappers, maybe.

You can use capacitor discharge to weld things, if the capacitors have a low enough internal resistance, because you can deliver a hell of a lot of current very fast. They ARE dangerous when they are run at high voltages.