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can make the bike running with water only? Answered

can any one tell to make the 100cc bike by only running with water (hydrogen in water)?


yes ...

One who can know the mechanism of photosynthesis can do it


3 years ago

yes it is possible to make it and you need not worry about energy as you can generate electricity when bike is running

  • It requires a very large amount of energy to separate hydrogen from water by electrolysis.
  • After doing that, you have to contain the hydrogen in such a way that the container doesn't run out quickly but also can't explode during an accident.
  • When you burn it in an engine, the hydrogen doesn't give back much of the energy you put into the electrolysis. (Fuel cells are a better way to use it anyway.)

So what you're proposing is currently rather wasteful of energy. (If you live in the US, that energy is probably coal.) But it certainly is possible.

To get the initial hydrogen you need to start the engine, you would plug the machine into the wall at night. Then you start the engine with that hydrogen. As for your efficiency problem? That is why you use the energy generated by the engine's PTO (output shaft) to generate electricity for the electrolysis, as the engine is spinning at about 3600rpm (that will generate a lot of electricity).

get an electric motor put it on the bike and get a fuel cell and then a tank of hydrogen gas and that's as close to running it on water as you'll get

(As frollard) no you can't. If you could you'd be telling us how!


Hydrogen in water isn't readily available for use as an energy source without extracting it from the water first through electrolysis. A fuel-cell electric bicycle would run on hydrogen/oxygen but would still need the external fuel source. An internal combustion engine can run on hydrogen, but still needs the fuel source.