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can u convert a115v stick electric welder to make a gas driven welder and if so how is it done!!!!!!!!!!! Answered

bux box welder 115/220 v



6 years ago

*facepalm* yes, it can be done, get a gas powered generator, figure what the max watts the welder would use, then get one double the output or more. plug it in like you'd plug it into a wall.

.  No. An electric welder uses a transformer. A gas-driven welder uses a motor-generator set.

TIG - yes
or Google "stick welder to TIG conversion kit"

MIG - no
MIG welding requires a Constant Voltage (CV) supply, and stick welders use a Constant Current (CC) supply. The power supplies are incompatible with MIG welding.

What do you mean? MIG?
If so, the answer is "buy a MIG welder and Ebay the stick welder"