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card games - I need simple ones that can be playedwith a 4 year old?Any ideas or suggestions about where I can find out? Answered

Somethng simple with regular playing cards or cards that we can design and make ourselves.  I am not in a big city so I cannot buy anything that you may have seen in a store.  It is the idea of how to play some sort of game that I am interested in knowing about.  Thank yu so much.

    My toddler can recognize and say the numbers up to 10 and knows which is bigger but that's about it.  Any tips please?


go fish is one of the best games but if you already know that then try playing crazy 8s.

Snap or "Go fish"?

Check toy shops - there are junior versions of Top Trump cards.

Concentration is one of the best early childhood games, it encourages memory, pattern matching, and differentiating among multiple features of objects. The goal is to find pairs of matching cards, where you can define a match by number, or color, or suit, depending on your toddler's skill level.

Lay the deck (or separate out just some of the deck) upside down in an array; you can also start by laying the cards out face up, to give the toddler a chance to see them all, then flip them over. Turn over one card and try to find a match. If you succeed, collect both cards. Otherwise, turn them both back over and try again.

"Winning" is just finding all the pairs. With experience, you can play against the clock as well, or increase the number of cards (even multiple decks), or create more complex matching criteria.

War is another good game, which can also be played solitaire style. Each player gets half the deck, shuffled. Turn over the top card in each pile; the larger number wins the pair. If the numbers are equal, turn over another card on top, repeating as necessary. Once somebody wins, they get the whole set. The winner (of course) is the one with the most cards at the end ("which pile is bigger?").