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cold explosions Answered

I know that by adding ammonium nitrate and water the compound gets cold. so my question is by using ammonium nitrate and other then water can I use to make extream pressure build up in a short time while still being cold. this question is not for any explosive device to cause harm to anyone or thing. just wondering if a cold explosive could be possiable. thank you


Endothermic explosives and propellants exist
but they are taction contact detonated devices. Simply put mix and it goes

Acetone peroxide detonates producing very little heat.

And so sensitive that noone with a sane mind handles it - let alone makes it.
So why make such a stupid suggestion in the first place?

All high explosives are extremely dangerous and completely illegal to make for an unlicensed DIYer. He asked if it was possible, not practical.

Maybe somebody is working on a super-villain character? Throwing ice-grenades?


4 years ago

Can i cheat to get the answer?
The answer is "Yes, what we percieve as cold can explode".
If you want a demonstration of this, take a chunk of dry ice, put it in a bottle of water, and then seal it. There's more dramatic examples, but this is probably the easiest one to do at home. Dry Ice bombs work because the the frozen carbon dioxide is in an energetic state, relative to it's surroundings. That last bits very important so i will repeat it. RELATIVE TO IT'S SURROUNDINGS, the dry ice has energy in it. When it hits the not-freezing water, it converts into a gas. The gas is in a concentrated state; the heat of the liquid water causes it expand. This increases the pressure in the bottle until it explodes, all at a temperature that approaches freezing (so relative to what most humans are used to, it's quite cold). Liquid nitrogen does something similar, which is why you can't cap a bottle of liquid nitrogen.

Do you know the difference between an endothermic and an exothermic reaction?