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computer hard drive to MP3 player Answered

i have got an old hard drive, and i want to make an MP3 player using the hard drive disk, anyone know how?


. It's probably doable, but you may have to do some research. You didn't say, so I'm assuming your HDD is of the EIDE flavor. As schorhr said, most MP3 kits/components are designed to use a memory card, so you'll probably have to come up with some kind of EIDE-to-"flash" interface (somebody probably makes one or has a HowTo). . I don't think your hardware/firmware will necessarily require FAT32 - just reformat drive to whatever is needed. . If I were going to try this, I think I would start with a microcomputer/controller that would run Linux/Windows and had a EIDE port (or USB with an adapter on the HDD). . Unless you're pretty good with a soldering iron, it may not be possible to do on-the-cheap.

Did you try at least doing a google search first? There is HEAPS of info out there.

Assuming you mean creating an mp3 player from scratch, using the hard drive for storage, I hope you are good with microcontrollers though!

Here is a link http://www.embedtronics.com/mp3/mp3.html

If you can get it working, I'd love to see an instructable. Would be an awesome project.

well i would have but i didn't have time to search through all those results. I figured someone here would know something so... As for microcontrollers i know some people who could help with that.

Else there are harddrive cases, mostly small 2.5" though, that will do the job; check your local gadget store. Else, trialex is right. You would need to buld or buy a microcontroller module that is capable of reading a fat32 filesystem or such out of a IDE device, and then able to play back mp3s. Due to the low prices for commercial systems and storage media (harddrives cost $60 or so for half a terrabyte, 1gb flash memory drops under $10...) there are not too many projects I know of. Most use a MMC memory card to play mp3 since accessing a mmc is much easier then a hdd.