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crossbows vs. slingshots Answered

' Hi everyone,

I'm chopstx, the creator of this group. today I want to start a discussion about which one is better: a slingshot mechanism, or a cross bow mechanism? do you think they're the same? please explain your 'answer thoroughly and carefully.



I've used both and they each have an advantage. Crossbows are more reliable, and accurate, but slingshots are more portable and much easier to make. Currently I'm making a hybrid ( a la Joerg Sprave) using very sturdy rubber tubes.  It's a combination of  http://youtu.be/zK2Bcn1ze4c and http://youtu.be/5l8Ql2r26gE The rubber can break ( not probable, but possible ) so that would make it less reliable than an actual crossbow, which is not beyond my capabiliuties, but  more bother than I want to put up with.
I live in Mexico, and slingshots rule here because they're cheap to make and cheap to shoot. When your income hovers at around $400/month, even .22s are expensive.
I just like primitive weaponry.

Crossbow mechs are more reliable. Sling mechs get better range/power.

what do you mean by "more reliable"

It won't misfire in your face and/or break something without you actually pulling the trigger. I've had an SR-V2 misfire sometimes.

yeah, i prefer crossbows though.

What is the difference? Anyways whatever type of mechanism you use it doesn't really matter because you should still use arms to make your rubber bands more efficient.

i think they're the pretty much the the same too. however, like DJ Radio said, crossbows are more reliable however, slingshots boast more power and range.

Because crossbows are generally shorter and slingshots are longer. Maybe he's just trying to make it sound like he's smart? seriously the only feature that truly separates a cross bow from a sling shot is the structure holding the rubber bands- arms or not. And a crossbow set up would add a lot more power. In fact if you were to make a sling shot but you give it arms to hold the rubber bands it'll get more power from the same bands.

dude, the difference is that crossbows have rails, slings dont. This is why Slingshots get more range/power, because there is no rail to cause friction.

not wicky's crossbows, they are sling shot crossbows.

and on your note on slings being longer than crossbows- its possible to have a crossbow as long as a slingshot.

hey guys im gonna say im might be posting a sligshot magmum :P im not making any promises but it might just happen but if it does it will be after i post my two ball mahine and coaster ( the coaster will be a maybe)