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disk saw + vacuum cleaner = less dust ? Answered

when cutting bricks and concrete with disk saw there are clouds of dust. here is my failed attempt to reduce its amount using a vacuum cleaner instructable anyway ?


Get a shop vac. You need way more air flow.

Is that your bomb shelter you are tricking out since you have thick masonary walls? Anyway, you could try a spray bottle with water to keep the dust down. Not too much or you will need a wet-rated blade. A better shroud to cover the wheel and then hooked up to the vacuum would increase its efficiency. A better hose intake nozzle pointed closer to where the dust kicks off the wheel might be needed. They do have a double-wheeled slot cutting grinder for trenching out a wall. Or just use the new plastic/metal covered conduit and boxes that you can just attach to the wall which extends your wiring.

The idea is right, you just need more power - empty the bag, maybe use a fresh one, clean out the filters, anything to improve the air-flow. Another alternative is to manufacture some sort of cowling or rigid hood to largely enclose the head of the tool, trapping and slowing the dust to allow it to be drawn away.