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does anyone know how to make a mini surf board? Answered

i am doing a school project and for art we have to make a surf board and i would like it to be about 10 to 20 cms long and even a fin on the bottom. if anyone has some ideas it would be GREAT! thankyou


You could do it the way full size surfboards are made by shaping foam and covering it with fiberglass.

I would take a broken used surfboard and then reshape it to make a small scale one

I know this question is old but this might be useful to others. i recently make a few full sized surfboards by shaping foam with a rasp and then laying it up with 3 coats of fiberglass on top and two underneath. I also made replica models to give to some friends, i used the foam i cut away and put one layer of glass on each side. You could just use gloss (sanding) resin though.