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does anyone know if I can make or buy a radio like the referees use? Answered

I am a referee, and I'm looking to make or buy something like the pros are using.

it needs to be light weight.

up to 4 users.

short range, about the size of a soccer field.

possibly hands free.

maybe 2 hours battery.

use a headset.

and I need to be able to run at full speed with out it coming loose or slowing me down.

these are just a few of the things needed, 


I would recommend an FRS radio with headset. They are cheap -- so long as you don't mind people being able to snoop. Some even operate on VOX (voice activated transmit) so you don't need to reach for the button.

I am talking about soccer. and it would be for me, and up to 3 other people.

Lots of wireless microphone systems exist. Most of them are designed for indoor use, but obviously the ones the pros are using work just fine outdoors. Basically it's just a one-way walkie-talkie with a headset microphone, a belt clip and a push-to-transmit switch, with a receiver to match it that has a line-level output which can be coupled into the PA system. if you're on a tight budget you could probably kluge something out of any of the consumer walkie-talkie toys which has provision for (or can be modified for) external mike and earphone (using the earphone jack as poor man's line-level output). Keeping it from falling off is an exercise for the reader. Clips and clamps and (ouch) duct tape ought to work....

Who are you wanting to communicate with and how many of them?