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does it makes sense to delete an instructable Answered

does it makes sense to delete an instructable
because it isn't a succes or popular?



5 years ago


Just because it doesn't get thousands of views within a few hours, that does not mean it has failed.

If you have done what you set out to do, document a build to the best of your abilities, then you have succeeded. Others will find your work over time, views trickling in from search engines, one or two a day, add up to hundreds, then thousands over time.

Don't forget that you are allowed to publicise your work, post it on Facebook pages, Tweet it to your followers, or to popular uers that might retweet it.

Slow success is still success.

geo bruceKiteman

Reply 5 years ago

it's more than two years old
my other ones get a lot more views

Kitemangeo bruce

Reply 5 years ago

I wouldn't delete it, I'd improve it.

A key part of popular instructables is the story associated with them, and that story tends to happen in the introduction.

Insert an extra step for the materials required, and instead add a bit of chatter to the introduction;

"Do you ever feel like the school bell takes too long to ring at the end of the day? This April Fool prank let's you take control of a school bell.

A few basic electrical skills, and chaos ensues..."

Do you see?