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double usb solar charger for iphone and psp? Answered

 ok well i want to make a solar usb charger with a double usb plug that will charge a psp and a iphone at the same time. i want to also use flexible solar panels so i can attach it to a laptop bag. the two run on 5v each. iam new at volts and usb altogether i know the pinout of the usb so  what i need to know is how would i wire this and what is the right voltage i would need for this to work and also how would i get that voltage. if you could make a intractable for this that would be awesome and if this post makes little or no sense plz pm me and ill try to word it better thank you all


For the voltage you just need to use a 7805 regulator (You can buy it in a Radio Shack or something like that) to drop down any voltage between 6 and 12 volts to 5. The pin at the left is the input,  the one in the middle is the ground and the one at the right is the output. You just need to connect the positive wire (Red) of the solar panel at the left and the negative (Black) of the solar panel at the middle. Then for the USB cable you just need to connect the black wire at the middle and the red at the right. For the iPhone you will need to connect the red wire (Positive) with the white and the green one (Data) to make sure it charge (It worked with my iPod touch so it will work with a iPhone too. It worked for me (https://www.instructables.com/id/Convert-a-generic-dynamo-flashlight-into-an-AA-bat/).


 i will try but last time i looked the iphone was taking in 5.3v but ill put this to user with a lithium ion battery with the best mah i can find thank you very much for the reply