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dual picture alignment Answered

Hi I got problem how to alignment two piece of metal like on picture to seat one on other,  with simple home made device ? I got idea to get picture of both and just position one to right position, but problem is how to get picture of both in same time on screen ?

I see that is possible with prism mirrors but I dont idea how to do that, so I ask for help with ideas.

Thank you for help or link's to get more infos about that.



5 years ago

Thank you for all this informations, I will show what I make.

Try rephrasing the question. I assume English isn't your first language cause all of that made absolutely no since.

What are you trying to do? Are you working with pieces of metal or with that google sketchup drawing?

Hi. yes english is nit my native language. I try to diy BGA chip optical align device, like on this link  at 5:45

Is anyone who know how this work ? I think this work with prism and mirrors inside in that black box, but I dont know hov is possible to get two separate pictures with one camera ?

That is the reason why I open this thread.

Thank you for all help or informations about that.

Check out this image.

The black lines are the mirrors. The Red and green are the light sources. You see where the red light passes through the lower right mirror. That is a special 2 way mirror that allows the green light to reflect down to the camera and the red light to pass through to the camera. In this configuration the mirrors are set as 45 degrees. 

now is on the propper place.

So if I understand right ? Must be like on my sketch, and use diferent color for each suorce (RGB) to be shure, which side is on picture.

is ok to put another mirror to may put camera in horizontal position in housing ?

Thank you very much.


The color of light doesn't matter but for alignment purposes you'll need to be able to tell one image from the other.

Yes you can place another mirror at a 45 degree angle where you have the camera pictured now so the camera can be mounted horizontally.

Super, is that mirror has some names, to I use google search ?

Thank you again :)

Any mirrors will due except for the that one closest to the camera. That needs to be a special 2 way mirror. Reflective surface on one side and transparent through the other. Because of the way the 2 way mirror works the image from the lower view point may look transparent on screen but that will help to align the 2 images.

I understand you, 1,2,3 is regular mirrors, and 4 (last) must be 2 way, to get picture from both suorces. I search and find some stores with mirrors,I must get mail if they got this type. If anyone got infos about that, feel free to share.

Thank you.

You may have trouble finding a suitable mirror or getting the lighting right to make it work. The other option deals with expensive lenses. Instead of a 2 way mirror you use a mirror with a small pin hole in the middle. Between 3 and 4 you would need to use lenses to focus the image through the hole and directly onto the camera.

Either way you may find you need lenses to help focus the image into the camera better.