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flat wheel barrow ? Answered

 Our "contractor" wheel barrow with inflatable tires commonly picks-up nails and goes flat. The semi hard sponge rubber replacement seems expensive and I have been wondering what might be homebuilt design. Latex caulk is cheap but don't think it would dry if trapped in a tire. Super ball material or similar would seem to be valuable.  



Best Answer 8 years ago

  For year I would not use SLIME.  In a pinch on the road I had to.   8 months later (when I pulled the valve stem out) I counted 13 spots where the slime patched various size holes.  I'm a believer! 
  The 2 problems you will face with slime is: 1 when you get a nail or thorn you have to add air until it seals. 2 eventually it drys out. 
 Walmart is the cheapest place I have found to get it. 


3 years ago

Exactly what I have considered and concluded - hard tire made with latex caulk that won't cure. So thinking when I get a bunch of inner tubes may wind them on the wheel barrow rim and if needed bond some together with rubber cement / contact cement or similar. Would be nice if the latex caulk would fill out the last space between the tire and the rolled up tubes and allow the bundle to push against itself.

 I agree with onrust.
I use goop in my wheelbarrow tyres and there is no problem as long as you  have a pump handy.
If you have a flat; pull out the thorn; pump up the tyre; spin the wheel fast for at least ten revolutions.

I thought, from the title that this question was about a flatbed barrow; I made one and it is a very useful tool.

THe sponge no flat tires are worth the price.  I have three of them on two different things an wish I'd done it sooner.

If you've got extra latex caulk that would work but they're going to be way too hard.