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guitar cable polarity? Answered

On a guitar cable what part is positive?


The signal + line is the tip, and it connects to the wire at the core of the cable, ie, the signal wire.

The signal - line, or signal return, is connected to the connector ring, and it is internally connected to the cable on the shield, a braided wire that provides a return path for current. In large part due to its geometry, it also provides a partial Faraday shield for the signal, ie, noise filter, by providing an easier current path (a lower frequency-dependent resistance, ie, "lower impedance path") for intruding signals to the amplifier's power supply common return.

The tip is hot and the sleeve is common.  As Re stated, there really isn't a polarity; however, as most guitars have shielding around the components to minimize radio interference, this is connected to common (or "ground", although it's not really ground either - confusing, huh?) which provides better noise rejection.

.  As long as the cable is wired tip-to-tip and ring-to-ring, it doesn't care about polarity.

Yea, there really isn't a polarity since the signal is A/C.  But the shield on the cable should be connected to the grounding of the guitar and amp.