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anyone involve in fixing motherboard computer, espcially invoving soldering smd chip, smaller chip, ic, qfp n other. Answered

what i means does solder smd part such as ic can be done , for computer motherboard,  can you show me some guidlines about this. plesea. 


Well, its do-able by hand, but it depends on the package type. You can't resolder BGA packs without special tools.

but still possible to do- able by hand solder right.

You haven't said waht kind of package you want to solder.

Do it by hand will be fine, we do it all teh time. Use copious amounts of reflow flux too.

how about others type, you have done it before right.

QFP, TQFP, PLCC QFN (trickier) anything with legs that sticks out.

final questions, what kind of tips and watt of soldering iron should i use.

Get a small hot-air gun for desoldering, one of the little "gas powered" soldering irons usually has a hot gas adapter - they work best.

A VERY fine iron is ideal for resoldering, if you use solder wire, if you use solder paste (which is applied by a syringe, run a thin line of paste down ALL the pads, at right angles, drop on the package, and then evenly heat with your hot air gun

well, i think or usually mobo does use all this package, right.

Did you drop a screwdriver on it?
Can you upload a photo of what needs fixing?


well i dont have picture, if said just to change an ic. any ic in motherboard .

no, i dont drop screwdriver on it, there is lot instruction about soldering smd part, but nothing tell about solder smd part on motherboard, i need to ask berfore i did it.

I screwdrivered a board once. One transistor = total failure (of an expensive board)
Can you give us a picture as it would help.


The last time I hand-soldered on a mobo was when I upgraded my IBM-PC from 16K to 64K (yep, K - not M, not G, but K) of RAM and it was a royal PITA even with the DIP spacing. Soldering on a multilayer PCB is not for most DIYers; it requires special equipment and a lot of practice. Ie, if ya gotta ask, don't do it.