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help do i have water damage? Answered

i can't tell if i have water damage i let someone use it and now it doesn't work.. it turn orange when i plug it in but won't turn it on..



It might help if you explained what device you are referring to.

In any case, to prevent further damage, make sure it has no batteries and is not plugged in. Here I listed several different guides for dealing with possible water damage to electronics.

but it's there something that tells you if got damaged from water like in a phone a piece turns red near the battery

What device are you talking about? A phone? A DS? A flux capacitor?

If you mean, then, that the charging light turns orange, then maybe your battery is shot. Try using the DS without the battery in, just the charge plugged in.

I presume a cell phone. The purpose of the color-changing sticker is to let the phone company blame you for the accident, rather than replacing it under warranty. If you already know your warranty is void, then there is no harm in trying to save the phone yourself. (In the future, I would suggest using more capital letters, punctuation, and important details when asking something on Answers.)