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help me.I cant used my flash drive in school .it was disabled by the network administrator? Answered

i have a problem using my flashdrive in school because the network admin disable the usb port.plz help me guys how to inabled it.


Don't, If they've taken that step -- which keeps people from using the flash drives to offload homework and the like -- it's because they Really Mean It and are likely to come down on you like a ton of bricks when they catch you trying to bypass this restriciction.

The gain ain't worth the risk.

They might have disconnected the ports from the mainboard, or unloaded/disabled the drivers. Either way you can't reverse it.
If you've got a legitimate need to move data between the stick and the school network - ask them to do it for you.


Do you mean that the administrator damaged your storage device? Or do you mean that the administrator simply blocked your ability to use your flash drive on the systems he or she administers? If the former, sue for damages, since no administrator has the right to damage personal equipment. If the latter, it's because so many students rip off data, software and play hacker games, none of which the students have any legal right to be doing without specific permissions being granted by said system administrator.


8 years ago

It's best just to track down the network admin and ask if they can move whatever file you need onto the network for you.

They do this to discourage piracy, cheating, and the spread of viruses (which can travel on USB drives).