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hi every one can you tell me how i can make walking robot . which walk like human plz tel me Answered

i am only 16 year old can you tell me how i can make walking robot . which walk like human plz tel me



Try looking at some walking toys.

.  Multi-billion international companies spend millions of dollars to do that (eg, Honda's ASIMO) with varying degrees of success. With a DIY budget and your current skill-set, you may want to aim a little lower until you get a little more experience.

Some people don't realise that "Asimo" is actually more than one robot - there's the running one, the stair-climbing one, the hand-shaking one...

What you need is a quite large selection of Cardboard boxes and tubes and a couple of rolls of silver foil. If you can get hold of that shiny flexible ducting stuff then all the better.

Then you need a small human being to put into the assemblage of cardboard boxes which you have, by now, decorated in the foil.

Et voila! a walking robot - depending on the size of the embedded processor it might be able to talk too.

+1 to Nacho at least.

Its impossible, without some very serious mechanical engineering and electronics. I have a good friend who is a researcher in the area of machine walking, and he's been in it for years. If you understand the issues, Asimo is the most amazing piece of engineering in the world.


Besides, even if you can get it to walk it still won't make a very good girlfriend. ;-)

I assume you mean a biped robot - rather than one that walks exactly as humans do .

1. this is a complicated issue ad you would be better starting with multi leg robots.

2. www.austrobots.com/

3. there is a lot on the web about Bipeds if you search - Think Honda spent millions of $ to make Asimo so don't expect it to be too cheap.