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home made guitars? Answered

is it a good idea to build homemade ( electric guitars) guitars

i have great wiring sites like building these guitars are custom like and stuff but isnt free



Best Answer 8 years ago

If you are trying to save a bunch of money you can't unless you already have a lot of woodworking tools and large slabs of the appropriate wood handy (free).

If you want to build something just for the experience and to say you built what you're playing, then get a kit.  There are lots available and when built right they sound as good as most of the better cheap guitars.  Then after building a kit you'll know more about what is going on (it's not as easy or as straight forward as it looks), and are more likely to end up with something you'll like.

If you're a hardhead like me and always try things that should be almost impossible to have a good outcome then go ahead.

There are lots of links to diy guitars and some of the are really very good sources of info.

Good luck!

Definately a good idea! Why, I built one, a Gibson SG in fact which i finished couple of weeks ago. :) Check it out

(Let me know if you like it XD)

If you have good woodworking skills, you'll be fine. And wiring skills are always a bonus.


Torres engineering, Saga have good ones.  Grizzly tools (believe it or not) has quite an assortment of kits and stuff.

Here's a link to my instructable that shows a photo of my Les Paul clone that I built last year.