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how I make a led rain drop light ? Answered

Hi guys,  I want to make a led rain drop lights like this---  

So please help me and tell me how can I make this lights. I need the circuit of the light.  It will oparated in 240V AC mains.

Thank you



Best Answer 2 years ago

Here is a teardrop circuit just for you. . . . Hope I get a best answer from you.

Click on the pic to see it all !


And it can be extended several ways... You will need a 12Volt power supply.

Thank you so much for your help. I request you to give me any 9v or 12v cool led design circuits if you have.

thank you again

I doubt you can make it cheaper than buying.

Can you tell me how to make those metro lights that used in the video . I just want to make that type of light operated in AC or DC. Please give me circuit I will make it

Thank you

The light strings come from Ebay - watch some of the other videos he has on this subject.

I doubt you can make them for less then Ebay are selling them, the LEDs alone will cost more.

You will be wise to heed his warning about the poor quality of the power supply.

However if you do want to have a go your going to need for each string some surface mount leds, a suitable 8 pin PIC microprocessor, To look up and understand Charliplexing and to know how to program your PIC processor. Oh and a power supply. i really suggest you buy one of those.

If you have those leds please tell me the number of the microprocessor and give me circuit

Sorry I don't know - Look your going to have to do some research - look up Surface mount white LEDS

Look up 8 pin PIC microprocessors.

Look up charlieplexing and you will get your circuit.

Your next question will be how do you program the xxx PIC micro processor - for that you have a whole lot of learning to do and i suggest you start by learning how to light a single LED. There are lots of web sites that may/will help you for a specific PIC.

I repeat. This project will cost you several times more than just buying a set of lights and converting to battery solar power. It is not worth trying to compete with mass production in China.

I am new to here. So can you tell me if i want to program a microcontroller

what I need?? what hardware??

The range of micro controller is large and the ways to program them equally large you really need to do some research.

I repeat - You are unlikely to be able to make these for less than the ebay price.




are all PIC based microprocessors thet use different languages C++, Basic etc.

Please don't ask me to write a program for you for some kind of microprocessor I don't have the time.

Google, research similar projects Look up charliplexing Your going to need to know.

If you know the Knight Rider circuit:
Instead of a a single LED you use a transistor.
This transistor powers the amount of LED's you want to light up at a time.
You need to seperate those "power lines" from the transistor to the LED with a diode.
This way the Knight Rider powers several LED's art a time instead of one.
Otherwise do what the others suggested and the lights ready to go off Fleabuy....

I am a noob and new to electronics. So I cant undarstand what you tell. Please can you give me the circuit

I doubt you should play with mains voltage if you don't know how to make such a circuit...
Stick to low voltage for the LED's and check Google for the Night Rider light circuit - there are plenty of them out there in all variations.

I know about mains voltage and I also make some circuits in ac mains.

I need to make it in ac voltage . But also I can use a ac to dc adapter.

Also I search for knight rider circuit in google but It is not that thing I want see my video for what types for light i want .

Thank you.

Either you did not search properly or have no real clue about electronics.
The knight rider circuit is a simple counter.
By default only one LED "runs" but the circuit can be modified to use more, there are even some with fading, so one LED is fully on and the two next to it at lower intensity.
Sure, the original knight rider light runs back and forth but instead of reversing the counter you restart it ;)
Ok, enough, so please don't ask that I also draw the circuit for it...

I know all thing about knight rider circuit. I tell me to make just modify the circuit and make a one way led chaser. But see in the video the led is not like knight rider or one way led chaser . The led not blink one by one the leds light and go in a group like rain drop. How I can make this type of effect .

Sorry for my bad english

Thank you.