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how can i become as good as possible in basball whithin a week? Answered

i know the basic rules, and we'll play by hitting the ball off a tee (like in golf just much higher). It's for a sportsday of the whole college. Any class attends in two disciplines in a tournament against all ther classes and the teachers team. This year it's football and baseball. (last year was basketball and swimming, extremely funny). Now i'm pretty bad at the moment and i'm in my final year, so i don't want to be the jackass who screws up for the seniors :P I'm a pretty good runner on short distances and the field won't be huge (good advantage), but i'll need to hit the ball far enough to run, that is my major problem. (already read a tutorial from this side, but it wasn't that helpful), so i'm very glad for any tricks, ideas, instructions or whatever. thanks in advantage, oliver from switzerland (yes, the guys with the evil tax-stealing banks XD)


if you want to learn how to hit just go to batting cages everyday after a week you should be able to hit something ( given batting cages are around ) and remember dont drop your back shoulder

play play play...get a fiend to play catch alot Have her or him pitch for you so you can learn to hit...have them throw the ball easily at first so you have a better chance of hitting it. and practice having them hit the ball so you can learn to catch in the field. A week is tough, but if you have the time and a supportive friend, you can learn alot in a short amount of time...however, I wouldn't expect to have a contract offered after one week of training :) best wishes

You need a montage, that is a series of events in which you are trained by a professional, stitched together into a continuous sequence in which you become as good as possible in baseball within a week. Think about "Eye of the Tiger" "Rocky" etc.


Sounds like you can run, and you can probably field, so concentrate on hitting. Find a good guide, or coach, and practice as often as possible to create some muscle memory. Especially for this sort of "crash course," short sessions wil help keep you from getting tired and "learning your mistakes." Two 20 minutes sessions a day, three if you can. Concentrate on form - slow and good will beat fast and lousy every time. When you're not practicing, read up on form and on strategy. And, while I'm not at all clear on the social/career significance of being "the jackass who screws the college sportsday for the seniors," it's probably not the end of the world. (If it is, you can always emigrate to the US and lie about your sordid past :) (PS. Tax-stealing bankers? Phht! - Switzerland is where those nifty pocket knives and tasty chocolates come from :)

What DJ says, also, go on your local radio and ask them to put out a plea for help. Ususally that works! Good luck!

The only true way to become good at baseball is to practice at it. Find a way to practice. Call up some of your friends to help you train, and explain that it is so that you dont screw your team up, and they should be willing to help.