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how can i make a spiderman costume? Answered

how can i make the spiderman 3 replica costume?


Get a pattern for a hooded leotard and blue and red fabric. Consultphotos of character for pattern. Cut and piece appropriately. Use markeror fabric paint  to draw the webbing lines onto the red areas. Upto you whether to try to build the mask into the hood or make it aseparate piece; the former is more work but would avoid a join line.Gloves and booties in red.

You may be able to shortcut by starting with blue tights and red hoodieand just adding layers of the other color to the appropriate area.

If what you want is a Venom costume, that's probably simpler -- I'd tryblack hooded leotard and some black or dark-grey puffy-style fabricpaint to create the relief areas.

I presume you want more info than that, but I think to answer thisproperly you'd need a full pattern... and I don't sew, so I'm notgoing to even try.

that would work but it would be really expensive