how do I make the gear grip shifter on my daughters bicycle easier to operate? shifting to lower gears needs more torq Answered


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my daughters bike has a grip shift for a rear derailleurs, shifting from from easier gears to harder is easy because the derailleur spring assists. when shifting the other way it gets progressively harder to pull the derailleur in. It gets to a point so that my daughter does not have the strength to shift after gear 3 has anyone got a solution, other than hand exercises for my daughter. Thank you



You might try changing the shifter to a lever. That way she could apply more force needed to shift and then when she gets stronger change back to the twist grip. Another but more expensive solution would be to change to a different type shifter. My shifter needs hardly any strength to shift up or down so there are easier shifters out there. But first I would make sure that the shifter is clean, oiled and adjusted properly.

You Could take it apart and oil every part it might be gummed up inside