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how do i fix a boat that has major cracks, and a 1x1 foot peice of the hull missing? Answered

 Its primarily made up of foam in the core, and hard plastic as a coating outside. Please i need advice on how to fix it.


I'm interested as to how this happened.? But suggest you go with Re', that's what I would suggest.


Get the Professor a few coconuts and a vine, have lil buddy pedal the bamboo exercise bike while hooked to the lemon batterys, so you can power the welder.  Weave the grass skirt into a solid square and weld it over the hole.  If that don't work then grab Maryann and Ginger and run for the other side of the island before the cannables get them first!

PS..Re-design has the answer, thank you for reading this far.

Redneck, you got it in the wrong order.  Grab M and G first.  Forget the boat. Feed Gilligan and Skipper to the canabals.  Lock Prof. , Mr. and Mrs. H in the cave.  Now sit back and enjoy life.

Use structural foam in a can to refil any missing foam, then fiber glass patch over the hole.  Drill 1/4 holes around the perimeter of the hole and fiber glass the inside and outside so that the resin glues layers thru the holes.